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Octagon Gazebo

The Octagon is the standard look to the Gazebo. Several options are available as well and here are some of the sizes and options available.

Available Options
Enjoy your gazebo without being bothered by bugs. Includes a screen under the floor and around the cupola hole. Price of screens depends on size and shape of Gazebo.
Permanent seating around the inside of the Gazebo.
Decorative Railings to dress up your Gazebo the way you would like. Price vary by size and style of the Gazebo.
Just one of many ways to dress up your Gazebo to make it your own.
This option allows a little bit more privacy to your Gazebo. A screen panel with 4 heavy duty vinyl panels that can go from the bottom to the top of the screen panel. With the vinyl having a tint to them, it is great if you plan to place a hot tub in your Gazebo. Keeps you out of the wind and the nosy neighbors view.
Choose from three different building materials to have your Gazebo constructed out of.
The flooring of your Gazebo doesn't have to be plain anymore. Some decking is standard in some models. Prices vary from size to size.
Choose from a few different options of roof design. Some styles add additional interior head room for a light or ceiling fan to be added.
Choose the look that matches your house. From the traditional to the modern, we have the roofing material to go with any look.
You have a couple options to how you may want you wood Gazebo to look.
Here are some of our choices for staining your Gazebo. They are all a semi-transparent water based stain.
A decorative addition to the panel corner to dress your Gazebo up just a little bit more.
A different option for the roof edge to give the Gazebo the finishing touch
Here are the standard sizes for the Octagon Gazebos
Price Available Upon Request
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Customer Testimonial
"We have certainly enjoyed our gazebo since you delivered it in August! Lots of family and friends have come and hung out with us at planned and impromptu events. We're looking forward to enjoying the gazebo this winter now that we have the vinyl inserts. In fact if Thanksgiving day is semi-warm and now snowing we''ll enjoy our turkey dinner out there!"
- Sincerely, Dianne Lamb