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Slideshow Image - Slideshow Image - Red and White with black shingles delivered and set on concrete blocking. Slideshow Image - Large Dutch Barn on a gravel site with additional double doors for easier access into the shed. Slideshow Image - Matching Beige and white vinyl overhead door sheds on gravel pads. Slideshow Image - Large brown and beige barn with optional extra entry door. Slideshow Image - Charcoal Brown and beige barn with optional overhead door and stone site prep. Slideshow Image - Gray and white vinyl barn. Slideshow Image - White vinyl barn with gravel base. Slideshow Image - Gravel Vinyl barn with stone site prep base.
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Dutch Barn

The shed with the most usable area inside that allows for a loft area to store all the small things. The sizes for this style range from 8'x8' and go up to 12'x30' by 2' increments. 

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